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Professor Andrew Barry to deliver keynote address at May conference

Prof. Andrew Barry, University College London, will deliver one of the keynote addresses at our CAS Annual International Conference 'New Political Topographies: Trans-boundary Flows, Power and Legitimation in Africa and Beyond', to be held 28-29 May in Edinburgh.

Prof. Barry has published on the relevance of materials and technologies in political and economic life. His recent ‘Material Politics: Disputes along the Pipeline’ (2013), interrogates the way in which the production of information about materials enables the activity of materials to be managed and monitored, while also generating the conditions within which controversies can proliferate over the quality and sources of the information produced. Prof. Barry has developed the idea of the ‘political situation’, central to his book Material Politics (2012, 2013) and nurtures a keen interest in the practice of geopolitics. He is also researching on the manner in which energy has been theorised in human geography, developing from Isabelle Stengers’ analysis of cosmopolitics, and in the politics of the idea of the Anthropocene and, more broadly, the geopolitics of the carbon economy.

Download the full programme here.