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Double Panel on Hubs, Gateways and the Respacing of Africa, ECAS 2017

The largest conference on Africa in Europe is organised every two years by the Africa Europe Group of Interdisciplinary Studies (AEGIS). This year it was held in Basel and we were invited with a double panel. It brought together researchon how new port, road and rail infrastructure developments currently re-cast Africa’s engagement with transnational politics and the global economy. We explored the implications of new economic infrastructures for political power and participation from specific localities across the continent. Contributions included:

Tangier (Morocco) as a Transregional Transport Hub: Multi-Level Visions and Multi-Actor
Steffen Wippel (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
‘We want to look just like other airports’: Somaliland’s Hargeisa Egal International Airport as a gateway to recognition. Tobias Gandrup (University of Antwerp)
The many faces of gateway politics. Controversies over the port of Dar es Salaam (and Bagamoyo). Jana Hönke (University of Groningen) + Ivan Cuesta-Fernandez (University of Edinburgh)
Great Wall of Lagos: West Africa’s future ‘gateway’. Elizabeth Cobbett (University of East Anglia)

Enacting the Logistical Region in East Africa. Kevin Donovan (University of Michigan)
Zambia/DRC border, distance and reach of regional, international, corporate and state power
Hélène Blaszkiewicz (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3)
Fresh from the Field - Trucking and Stoppage on the Walvis Bay - Ndola - Lubumbashi Corridor
Wolfgang Zeller (University of Edinburgh)